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Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Shock News: Mazda To Stop CX-8 Production By December

In what comes as a bit of a shock, Mazda has announced that will cease production of the CX-8 in its home market of Japan by December 2023. This comes nearly six years after the global debut of the three-row SUV in September 2017.

In an official statement (translated via Google), Mazda said:
“The CX-8 was proposed by Mazda as a new option for a multi-passenger vehicle for customers who do not want to give up on performance or design, but still want to enjoy driving with family and friends, and launched in 2017. Since its introduction, it has created a category of 3-row crossover SUVs for Japanese families, and has enjoyed the patronage of many customers over the years. Thank you very much.”
The discontinuation of the CX-8 is down to Mazda’s global strategy of introducing a broader range of electrified models between now and 2025, including HEVs, PHEVs, and BEVs. It could likely point to the imminent arrival of the CX-80, which will be third model underpinned by Mazda’s Large Product architecture following the CX-80 and CX-90. The CX-70, destined for the North American market, was supposed to launch this year, but was delayed for a 2024 global reveal.

Despite this shock news, it will have little bearing for markets such as the Philippines.

In a statement, Mazda Malaysia and Bermaz Auto says it will continue to assemble the CX-8 at the Kulim assembly plant until 2026. The facility, which is at par with Mazda’s Ujina and Hofu facilities builds the CX-5 as well as the CX-8 for select ASEAN markets, including the Philippines.

In September 2022, the CX-8 was updated for the local market bringing with it enhanced styling and new standard features that further redefine elegance and refinement in its class.


  1. Ph will also be affected since most spare parts are made in Japan.
    Wouldn't get a Mazda anymore since they keep making bullshit SUVs with little differences.

    CX5 CX8 CX9 CX30 CX50 CX60 CX 70 CX 80 CX 90

    Mazda's line up looks like a kid thought of the plan.

  2. How is this shocking? I've been telling people that mazda releases redundant models. You could just get a cx9 instead of this.

    1. Agree. Too much redundancy in their SUV lineup, still wouldn't get a Mazda though despite so much model options.

  3. Not surprising... japz not fan of big cars and dont have big family. Also not surprising malaysia will continue to assemble it for asean coz typical ASEAN has big family and like to travel with so many sabit just like a typical pnoy family

  4. Flop in Japan and not that popular in SEA region
    Time for Mazda to sell a 7 seater PPV version of the BT-50 based on the MU-X instead in 2027.


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