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Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Toyota Thinks Of EVs As Lifestyle Partners With FT-3e And FT-Se Concepts

Toyota believes the future will be transformed by electrification and intelligence. Yet, at the same time, they shouldn’t just be tools for getting place; they have to be lifestyle partners closely aligned with each customer’s individual values.

Unlocked by the designs unique to dedicated battery electric vehicle platforms, Toyota has come up with two concepts—the FT-3e and the FT-Se at the Japan Mobility Show.

Toyota says both models are EVs that only a true automaker can make. As such, they’ve revisited every aspect to deliver not just basic parameters like driving range, but also other factors such as a spacious interior, low center of gravity, and even the smart use of materials.

Both the FT-3e and FT-Se share the same basic components, but are differentiated in their purpose.

The FT-Se Concept is envisioned by Toyota as a high-performance sports model that incorporates the expertise gained in Toyota Gazoo Racing’s efforts to make ever-better cars through motorsports. The wide and low silhouette is designed to cut aero dynamic drag, while a full digital cockpit offers a more immersive driving experience.

FT in the FT-Se name stands for Future Toyota, while Se stands for Sports Electric.

Meanwhile, the FT-3e Concept is a family-friendly SUV that has advanced styling and aesthetics. The exterior has a digital display running from the lower side to the upper door to provide information such as battery charge, onboard temperature, and interior air quality when the driver approaches it.

The Number 3 in the FT-3e is derived from three key breakthroughs Toyota aims to reveal in its next-generation EVs — no compromises between design and performance, a synergy between digital and hardware technology and unprecedented levels of customization.

Speaking of software, Toyota debuts Arene. The OTA updatable platform will offer subscription-based services to Toyota vehicles. These could be in the form of entertainment apps, shopping apps, and even the ability to unlock seasonally-used features such as a manual mode for automatic transmission-equipped vehicles.


  1. Customers need to pay in order to make their BEV be able to drive in manual mode?

  2. Will GR become a separate brand in the future?


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